RF Engineering Service

BayOne Telecom has a team of support engineers based out of our Centre of Excellence in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and our Indian support office.RF network services are services provided by companies that specialize in designing, building, and maintaining radio frequency (RF) networks. RF networks are used for wireless communication, such as cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and satellite communication. RF network services may include designing and installing RF equipment, such as antennas, transmitters, and receivers, optimizing the performance of RF networks, troubleshooting problems with RF networks, and providing ongoing maintenance and support. These services are important for ensuring that wireless communication networks are reliable, secure, and efficient. In simple terms, RF network services are like "doctors" for wireless communication networks, helping to keep them healthy and functioning properly.

RF Design Service

End-to-end field services with In-House team of experienced field engineers  performing Ericsson & Nokia Cabinet upgrades, Baseband & RRH installs, Cell site router install & provisioning.

RF Optimization Service

In addition to RF Design services that we can provide, BayOne Telecom  has a team of Performance and Optimization Engineers with a wealth of knowledge and experience providing Optimization services on projects nationwide. This team of experts is able to perform the following tasks and more:

Drive Testing & Benchmarking Services

BayOne Telecom has the necessary equipment and teams to support nationwide data collection projects, Site testing: SSV, SSD, 911 testing, Data testing, and more. Our teams include drive test, walk test engineers, PM, and RF Engineers who support these teams in analyzing the DT files. Highlights of our team’s strengths