Microwave Engineering

At BayOne Telecom, our microwave engineering team stands as a paragon of excellence in the industry, having successfully designed over 2500 links across North America. Our Team has proudly collaborated with various clients including renowned names like Sprint, Dish, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Clearwire, proving our versatility and adaptability to different project requirements. Our Microwave Design Process includes proficiency in tools like Pathloss, Infovista, IQ Link, Google Earth, MapInfo, QGIS, and Visio. Our services encompass Network Topology Design, Site & Link Surveys, Desktop LOS Analysis, Link Dimensioning, Candidate List Evaluation, Link Design, BOM Preparation, and PCN Filing.


In BOM Preparation, we excel in adapting to various tools and swiftly crafting precise Bills of Materials for microwave vendors like Cambium Networks, Ceragon, Ericsson, Fastback, Dragonwave, and Airspan Networks.

Our engagement extends beyond design and installation, as we actively participate in the Prior Coordination Notice (PCN) process, achieving a remarkable 90% approval rate for over 5000 applications.

Microwave Network Optimization is our forte, optimizing LOS and nLOS links, minimizing latency, packet loss, congestion, and maximizing bandwidth, network availability, and KPIs.

We employ benchmarking against competitors to maintain our edge and continually evaluate our performance.

Our specialized service, “Telecom Network Traffic Dimensioning,” strategically enhances and optimizes telecom networks, addressing the complexity of packet-based backhaul networks. We aim to provide efficient network management and superior service quality.

At BayOne Telecom, we are more than a service provider; we are a dedicated partner committed to delivering exceptional outcomes in microwave engineering.